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I am pleased to announce that I am now teaching at The Freeman Studio.

In my class, I strive to create an environment where your work can be as full as it possibly can be, as true as it possibly can be, and as free as it possibly can be. To give you a place where you feel safe to take risks, to challenge yourself, to stretch outside your comfort zone, to unleash your imagination, and to keep your body/voice/mind alive and finely tuned. There is an atmosphere of trust, support and respect in my class that comes from my students.

I am not interested in having all the answers, in being anyone’s guru. I am interested in exploring the craft of acting through exercise and scene work, in reaching a deeper understanding of what it is to be a human being moving through a particular set of circumstances in life, in getting involved in the process of telling the story as well as we possibly can, from as true a place as we know.

This is an ongoing scene study class, with some exercise work, designed for the working actor. Focus is on relaxation, breath, preparation, script analysis, the world of the playwright, finding your authentic self in the work, connecting to your partner, and living moment-to-moment.

Alex Neil’s class is ideal for artists who want to go deeper, push themselves, be brave. Her compassionate, daring presence inspires as it relaxes. A perfect place to continue your training or drop in to explore something new and challenging. I’ve grown enormously from my work with her.

– Charles Socarides
Sons of the Prophet (Roundabout), The Middle Ages, The Dining Room (Westport), Seminar (City Theatre, Pittsburgh)

Being in Alex’s class has been, and will continue to be, one of my safe havens as an actor. It’s a place to stretch and go to the edge, to take chances and (hopefully) fail, to breathe and let yourself be guided by a teacher with loads of experience and empathy. I highly recommend it.

– Armando Riesco
Water by the Spoonful (Second Stage), “A Gifted Man” (CBS), Garden State

Alex’ class is a place where people can truly let go, be present, experiment and grow as actors. It is the kind of class that gives you the tools and confidence you need to be a professional actor.

– Hannah Shankman
Broadway: Wicked, Les Miserables, Sideshow, Hair
West End: Hair

Studying with Alex was truly a transformative experience. She has a keen sense for who you are as an actor and works tirelessly to help you fully embody that. The work in her class was instrumental in preparing me to study at LAMDA.

– Emily Steck
LAMDA 2 Year Foundation Degree Professional Acting

Alexandra NeilTeaching Bio

Alexandra Neil has taught acting for twenty years – at Michael Howard Studios, NYU Tisch – New Studio on Broadway, The National Theatre Institute, the MFA program at Brooklyn College, the Williams College Summer Theater Lab, and at Marymount College.

Alex studied for many years with Michael Howard. Other teachers who have influenced her include Patsy Rodenberg, Ron Van Lieu, Chris Bayes, Rob Clare, Jane Nichols, Ann Bogart, Kate Wilson, Jessica Wolf, and Andrew Byrne.

She has a BA from Williams College, and attended the National Theater Institute.

She is a member of the Actors Center Workshop Company.